Learnings from Jane Wurwand, Founder Dermalogica

Jane reminds me of the importance of understanding and fully developing a brands unique differentiation. The Dermalogica story underscores that.


Building Brands –

On getting started . . .

  • Power of delivering value through education. Saw an opportunity to build a great education company first, that had a great product . . . not a product company with great education . . .

On Brand . . .

  • Be different, and be prepared to be polarizing …. You have to be prepared to tick-off 80% and have 20% absolutely love you ….. You want people to say I love it and I hate it…. You don’t want people to say “I like it”..

Background on Jane

Jane Wurwand is a business innovator who opens doors for women’s economic empowerment and professional development. She is the Founder and Owner of Dermalogica and The International Dermal Institute, which are considered game-changing brands in the sphere of professional skin care. In January, 2011, Jane launched joinFITE, a global women’s entrepreneurial initiative inspired by her three decades of work within the skin care industry where the majority of the ownership and work force is female.
Jane’s vision for Dermalogica redefined the professional skin care industry. In place of lavish packaging and promises of pampering and indulgence, her groundbreaking formulas introduced active ingredients with an emphasis upon measurable results. Also key to the Dermalogica success equation: consumer interaction with a licensed skin care professional.

Today, Dermalogica products are the number one choice of more than 100,000 professional skin therapists, 98% of whom are women, in more than 80 countries worldwide. Jane’s commitment to women’s education and economic emancipation also calls upon her leadership in many areas of thought leadership, philanthropy and mentoring. Since 2010, she has been a member of the Clinton Global Initiative, and is part of their Women and Girls Action Committee. In 2011, she addressed the United Nations in a keynote address regarding the joinFITE mission to fund 25,000 women-owned small businesses worldwide, championed by Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary-General for the UN. Jane returns to the UN in March, 2012 to take part in a panel that addresses “The Role of Business in Empowering Women.“
Jane is an active Luminary Member of Step Up Women’s Network, a national non-profit which offers opportunities to at-risk girls, and is involved with the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship and the National Association of Women’s Business Owners, which named Jane “Business Woman of the Year“ in Los Angeles in 2009. In June 2012, Jane was honored with the “Women Making a Difference“ award by the Los Angeles Business Journal for her work in helping women business owners within the skin care industry and through joinFITE. She also mentors students and serves on the Board for the Price Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at The Anderson School of Business Management UCLA.


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