Learnings from Ole Henriksen, Founder OLEHENRIKSEN

Ole is a great example of how personal passion and dedication to creating art can build an iconic brand.

Highlights from Ole:

The Elevator Pitch

  • I created the products myself, with my own expertise, infused with high concentration actives

On Early Brand Success

  • Best selling book – Oprah sought me out

Ole Henriksen Background
Ole Henriksen was born and raised in Nibe, a small, historic town nestled in the Danish countryside. His zest for life drove him to explore, and as a young man he set out to conquer the world as a professional show dancer. While in Indonesia, Ole’s skin became inflamed with cystic acne, as a result of poor eating habits and a hectic lifestyle.

He fell into the hands of a talented local esthetician named Lagita who taught him that proper skincare combined with a healthy diet and exercise were the keys to flawless skin. Witnessing the transformational powers of skin inspired Ole to study cosmetic chemistry, face, and body work in London and become the skincare expert he is today.

In 1975 Ole opened his famed day spa. With a unique combination of sophisticated European equipment and formulations he created with love in his own kitchen, Ole quickly gained a reputation as Hollywood’s skin care expert, delivering innovative treatments to his clients. Celebrities like Madonna started flocking to the spa to experience the “Ole Magic.” In recent years, Katy Perry, Charlize Theron, Mark Wahlberg and Daniel Craig have become cherished clients.

Ole began formulating products in his kitchen in the early 70’s and to this day, he still uses the most potent ingredients from nature with a boost from science to produce visible results. Passion for skin care and attention to detail propelled him to success and in 1984 Ole stopped mixing crèmes in the kitchen and created his first retail products. Building on his spa heritage, it’s important to Ole that clients not only witness their own skin transform, but also experience a spa at home with beautiful textures and aromas. OLEHENRIKSEN products are formulated with high concentrations of active ingredients to treat your skincare concerns and balancing calmative ingredients to bring harmony to your skin for a brighter, luminous and youthful complexion.

Today, OLEHENRIKSEN is available in more than 16 countries worldwide and has been the recipient of over 25 global beauty awards.

My beauty philosophy is to keep it simple, embrace optimism, fuel your body with clean foods and treat your skin with efficacious, indulgent products. Find a simple routine that you can follow faithfully and remember – a happy face is a beautiful face!


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