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Platforms for Growth

Three general platforms for growth: Leveraging full potential of current value propositions that work within existing business model Building new value propositions that work within existing business model Game-changing ideas that require new business models Advertisements

How did Clarisonic Crack $40M in sales in Beauty Market?

Clarisonic Skin Cleanser Cracks $40M in Sales on Kudos From Oprah and YouTube Beauty Queen The same people who invented Sonicare toothbrushes have another emerging hit on their hands. This time, David Giuliani and his team of scientists and engineers in Bellevue, WA, who make the Clarisonic device have created a sonic-wave powered brush that’s designed to […]

What enabled Clarisonic to go Big Time surpassing $100M in Sales in the Beauty Market?

One of Seattle’s hottest tech startups has nothing to do with the sizzly Internet trends you read about a lot—social media, location-based marketing, or mobile apps. It has everything to do with making more than 2 million women so far—Lady Gaga and Oprah among them—look good and feel good about themselves. Unless you read fashion magazines, you’d never guess […]